We use Dropbox to Share - Images by Courtney

Using Dropbox

1. Sign in to dropbox.com.

2. Navigate to the folder you want to download.

3. Click on the empty space to the right of the folder's name to select it. (Clicking on the folder name or icon will open the folder instead.)

4. Click Download from the blue bar that appears at the top of the file browser.

Your browser will download the folder as a single compressed file, known as a ZIP file. The file will be named after your folder but will end in.zip. You can find the file wherever your browser normally downloads files, as set in your browser preferences. Once it is downloaded, open and decompress the ZIP file to access the contents of your folder

What if I see an "Open" button instead of a "Download" button?

For folders that are already synced with your computer’s local Dropbox folder, you’ll see an "Open" button rather than a "Download" button. Clicking the "Open" button will bring up the local folder in your file explorer.

Learn more about the Open button

Shared folders: Give people edit access to your files

If you give people edit access to a folder in your Dropbox, it becomes a shared folder. Changes to the contents of these shared folders are synced to everyone who has access to the shared folder.

People with edit access can:

• edit files

• comment on files

• and view files

Give edit access on the desktop or mobile apps. Click the drop down menu beside show instructions for, and select the computer operating system or mobile device that you’d like to see instructions for.

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