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 What is candid style shooting?

My preferred photography style is candid, especially with kids. Getting the children focused on an activity that they enjoy and taking a few steps back provides some great moments for candid photography. This works best for toddlers of all personalities but is a charm for those who aren't really excited about getting their photo taken. Then I ask them to peek  at me and 9/10 times I get a genuine smile, not the CHEEEEEEEESE smile.  This style photography is also sweet for the entire family. 

What is included with my $224 sitting fee?

The Sitting fee includes my creative advise, our one hour on location shooting and the print release for 10 images.  These 10 images will be in your final shopping gallery with all of the images from your session.  

What is a digital proof?

In the ages of film, your photographer would provide a book of all of the images taken at your sitting.  These were used to place your print order from.  Digital proofs are similar except in digital form.  They are low resolution, it wouldn't work to print these out in any size, the image would be blurry.  Instead they are for you to view on your mobile device in order to more easily share with friends and family. This is what you would use to collect an order so that when you return to your online gallery you would have an exact idea of what to order.  I will send you these via Dropbox.

When can I expect a peek?

Within 24-48 hours, I will send along 10-20 images hardly edited for you to peek at and share. These will have my watermark on them and are what I call "Show + Share" images. This means that they are perfect for sharing on social media and email.  Show + Share images aren't big enough to print at high quality. I will send you a link to a dropbox folder that I have created for us.   

What is a gift print?

So named because these sizes are typically given as gifts to friends and family, 5x7 and 8x10 are lumped together as gift prints that sell for $14 a piece. I also offer 4x6 at this price, but I discourage from ordering that size as it doesn't do the work any justice to display a print of that small size. 

How do I download my images?

Once your shopping gallery is posted, you can browse there to choose 10 of your favorite images.  Just email me with your file numbers and I will send you a download link for those 10 favorites, it will come to you in your email inbox from me as a Dropbox link.

When can I expect my final shopping gallery?

Within 3 weeks of our shoot, I will have posted your final high resolution jpegs, fully edited in a personalized shopping gallery on my smugmug website.  I guarantee 40 images and sometimes produce more. This is where you can choose your 10 images that you paid for with your sitting fee and make futher purchases if you like what you see. 

What is online hosting?

On this website, I have a tab called galleries.  Under that tab you will find your personal gallery of images that we made together during your sitting.  I will keep your images there for one month.  After that it will cost you rent to stay there, $40 per two months. Your online gallery is password protected.  You can chose to share this with whomever you want to.  I set it up this way so that your family can place their own order of prints through this website rather then putting the work on yourself to collect your families orders of images and size.  

What is a low resolution file?

My low resolution files are 1M pixel.  They are wonderful for sharing on social media and printing clearly up to 2x3 which is a bit smaller then a wallet.  Wallet size prints are 2.5 x 3.5

What is a high resolution file?

My high resolution files are 4M pixels, they are large enough sao that you can print any size up to 8x10.  If you tried printing larger then that from my high resolution files, your picture would turn out grainy.  

So then how can you make me a print larger then 8x10?

I keep the original files which are HUGE (about 57M pixels!) so that I can make you more products.  When I make prints for you, I sharpen them so that they look beautiful on your wall.  The larger the print that is made from a digital file, the more chances of distorting the pixels that are in the original file.  I do not sell the original files. 

How do I order products from my shopping gallery?

 To order any of these images as prints from the gallery, click the pink BUY button, select either “Photos From This Gallery”. Be sure you have selected the size and image you would like and add to cart. Once your cart is full, you can pay with PayPal or credit card. Your print order will ship directly from the lab, White House Custom Color. The digital images are available as well by selecting “Buy Gallery Download”. You can choose either low res or high res. The low resolution digital photos will not print clearly over wallet size and are perfect for social media sharing. The high resolution gallery will print for you up to 11x14 and can also be shared digitally. After purchasing you can download your digital images right to the flash drive I gave you. Note: my watermark will not show up on your digital downloads or your prints.

Do you offer print packages?

Yes.  The savings is built right in!  See my options here   , you can save anywhere from 10 – 30% depending on the package you chose. To order one of the packages from your gallery, click the pink BUY button then select “Buy Photo Package.”

Do you offer extra savings incentives?

Yes. I have Images by Courtney stamp program, you are automatically enrolled as a client with me. For every $60 you spend with me you get a stamp, once you get 10 stamps, you can save 15% on your next order with me.

How do I get my digital gallery from my SmugMug gallery?

After checking out, your customers can retrieve their downloads by clicking the links we send them.  We will send them an email with the download link.  If your gallery has a lot of photos, your download will be split into several .zip files to help speed up downloading. Just click each link that appears to ensure you grab every .zip file.  Your watermarks will not appear on the images your customers purchase.  

Finally, please read this article by Amy Tripple photography.  10 Things Your Photographer Wishes You Knew......  It contains information that may help to ease your worries, fears and 'what if's' about the day of the session.  

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