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As a small business owner, I know that word of mouth is my most valuable marketing tool.  It makes me feel very good when clients proudly share their family portraits on social media.  I know that the hard work I have placed into your gallery has paid off for you and me. I believe in sharing my kindness and my love in order to get more in return.   In order to say thank you to my amazing client family, Images by Courtney has developed a pretty simple way for you to save some money on your next quality photo session with me.  For each friend who completes their photo session with me you earn a $25 credit!  You may use referral credits towards your next session or any print products I offer from your next session.  So start sharing and planning your free session!

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Many of us are on a budget or just enjoy getting a great deal! For each friend of yours that completes a session, I will give you a $25 credit!  This means in order to get a free one hour session, you only have to send 4 friends my way.  Thats super easy, I bet you get at least 4 likes on the last image you posted on facebook.  I bet you say hi to more than 4 people in Wegmans during a grocery trip. I will keep track of your credits for you, I always ask a new client how they heard of me.  I will keep you updated on your credits and once you have reached 4 referrals you can cash in for a free photography session.  I can help you out by sending you some referral cards if you would like. 

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