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Brand New Sessions

The moments in baby's first 48 hours are so dear, emotional and precious.  So much happens here that is worth preserving in images. The new bonds with dad, mom, baby, grandparents and siblings are so important to your new family.  I will visit you in the hospital or at home to candidly capture these moments for you.

Fresh 48    $540

                 This session takes place at your birthing center or hospital.  I will be on call for you for the birth and will stay up to 5 hours for you at the place where you are delivering.  I will edit all of the images into both black & white and color.  You get to keep up to 40 images with print release.  $70 deposit required.

Welcome Home    $340

                I will visit you at home after you have settled in, typically within baby's first 10 days.  I will stay with you and your new family for up to 2 hours for a more candid type session.   This is a good option for the parents who prefer not to have the birth photographed or would like to be at home for the brand new session. Just like the first option, you get to keep up to 40 images with print release. $40 deposit required.

Fine print:  I will only come to the hospital during visiting hours.  If you have put your deposit down for the hospital location session and we have to change to the at home location, I will credit that $70 deposit towards the cost of the at home session. 

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